Will Merrifield Responds to DC Council’s Passed Budget

“The District is in need of fundamental change—the current system of trickle-down economics has caused an acute affordable housing crisis, mass displacement, and obscene inequities in our school system. This budget season has shown yet again that real change will not happen through backroom dealing in the Wilson Building,” said Will Merrifield, candidate for DC Council At-Large.

“Moreover, in the near term, this budget has left the District in a compromised position to deal with the looming unemployment and eviction crisis caused by COVID-19 due the Council’s refusal to raise revenue through modest tax increases on high-income earning residents. DC deserves someone who isn’t on the inside—who will refuse to make backroom deals, and will work with the people—not special interests—to create meaningful change.”

The newly released DC fiscal year 2021 budget can be found here.

 Will Merrifield is running for D.C. Council At-Large in the November 3, 2020 election. He has been a tenant rights attorney, working with tenant associations across the District to prevent displacement and preserve truly affordable and safe housing. He believes every person deserves a safe home, a quality education, and reliable employment – and will work hard to make sure every resident can achieve success.