Will Merrifield Earns TENAC Endorsement

WASHINGTON, DC: Will Merrifield has received the endorsement of the DC Tenants Advocacy Coalition, an organization whose goal it is to support tenant interests, tenant rights, and support for rent control in the District of Columbia.

“I am very proud to have been endorsed by TENAC. Having been a housing attorney at the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless for eight years, I’ve been on the front lines fighting with TENAC and other organizations across the District to represent people at risk of displacement,” said Will Merrifield, candidate for Council At-Large. “I have a track record of fighting the big fights against politicians and developers and winning. I plan to bring that track record with me when elected to the Council and pledge to represent all people, not just the politically well-connected, from the dais.”

TENAC said this of Will’s candidacy in their endorsement press release: “Will’s work as a tenants’ rights lawyer has given him first-hand experience in housing law and tenants’ rights, and given him in-depth knowledge of how developers and landlords operate. He is a strong supporter of the Reclaim Rent Control coalition’s omnibus proposal for comprehensive reform of our rent control laws currently before the city council. We think Will Merrifield’s proposal for social housing is visionary and will help end the vicious cycle that has displaced tenants, skyrocketed rents and put the real estate lobby in the driver’s seat of lawmaking. His social housing proposal has worked well in Europe and Asia because it creates mixed-income housing and a healthy living environment. Social housing eliminates the landlord and developer profit incentive, the main driver of skyrocketing rents and land values, and the main motive to stifling repairs and proper maintenance. All this is done by tenant ownership and operation of the housing complex like a cooperative. Income would come from commercial rents of shops and stores in the housing complex, as well as the residential tenants’ rent.”

Will’s portions of the TENAC Candidate Forum held on October 5, 2020, here.