People deserve to live with dignity, and deserve to be respected by their government. Too often, the DC Council has put profits ahead of people — lining the pockets of private companies and special interests instead of looking out for its citizens. Will is dedicated to changing that. Here’s how:


Will is committed to solving the affordable housing crisis — not by putting a band-aid over the problem through small changes, but by completely overhauling the system. Currently, developers and special interests get special treatment, making profits when people can’t afford to live. Will’s social housing plan makes truly affordable housing a right instead of a commodity by removing the┬áprofit motive for developers. Click here to read more about Will’s housing plan.


Every child deserves a world-class education to set them up for success in life. In the District, many schools are out-of-date, sometimes crumbling, due to a lack of funding. Anchoring communities around top-notch schools will not only lift up children, but will elevate their families and neighborhoods as well. Read more about Will’s plan for public education here.


A true living wage isn’t one where you have to work two or three jobs to get by. Will is committed to making sure every DC resident can work one good-paying job and be able to support themselves and their families on that wage. Through partnerships with organizations and other initiatives like ending wage theft, Will has a plan to get DC back to work. Read more about Will’s jobs plan here.


Police brutality, mass incarceration, and the treatment of immigrants have oppressed our communities for too long. Will knows we need a thoughtful approach to dealing with the needs of our community, including re-allocating public money away from law enforcement and investing in community programs that help people instead of hurt people. Click here to learn more about Will’s plan for justice.