Washington, DC has one of the highest unemployment rates for African Americans in the country. Furthermore, due to the high cost of living in the District, a truly living wage is out of reach for hourly wage workers. The District has an opportunity to address unemployment/underemployment by employing D.C. residents in a massive infrastructure project – Social Housing – which would simultaneously solve the affordable housing crisis, through the building of thousands of units of social housing using the latest in green technology. In addition to the building of this social housing, the District can also fund jobs that repair and retrofit our crumbling public housing stock.

Union Partnerships. The District should partner with local Unions to train workers and provide an avenue for skilled labor jobs through apprenticeship programs.

Public Institution Partnerships. The District should engage anchor institutions such as The University of the District of Columbia, our public school systems and public housing complexes to create centers for job training to take place.

Full Employment. The District must commit to full employment for D.C. residents.

End Wage Theft. The District must take swift action to streamline efforts and policies to identify and criminally punish employers who steal from their employees.