Every child in DC must be provided with a quality public education and a healthy learning environment. The only way to achieve this goal is to strengthen communities holistically by funding affordable housing, neighborhood public schools and giving all residents in the District the ability to make a living wage/income. If education policy is grounded in these broader policy frameworks, we will be able to build our neighborhood public schools into hubs of activity and a community meeting space.  

Moratorium on Public School Closings. The District should create a moratorium on the closing of public schools in the District.

Neighborhood Public Schools as Anchor Institutions. Neighborhood public schools should be one of the main centers of activity in each neighborhood. Not only should neighborhood schools be used for educating our youth, but they should also provide continuing education for adults and job training programs.

Emphasis on Extracurricular Activities: The District should continue to promote sports, art, music and culture through its public-school systems. Not only do these programs promote community engagement, they also teach discipline and critical thought to students. 

Partner with Educators. The District should adopt a common-sense policy of funding the schools our students deserve, a policy long advocated for by educators in the District and across the country. This means supporting teachers and their right to organize and collectively bargain to address working conditions, which go hand-in-hand with positive student learning environments.